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7 Benefits of Paver Stones for Your Driveway

If you’re looking for an interesting yet long-lasting solution for paving your driveway, paver stones are an excellent choice. They come in a range of styles, colors, and shapes.
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Many people opt for asphalt or poured concrete when they’re installing a driveway. So much so that you may think these are the only options. However, despite its popularity, concrete is less than ideal. Not only is it boring but it is easily stained and likely to get cracked - and when this happens, you’ll need to replace the entire thing. Asphalt can also become cracked and unsightly and it requires lots of maintenance. A much better option is to get paver stones. You can get stones and a variety of landscaping materials from Allied Landscape Supply and install them yourself or hire a professional.

A paver stone driveway can improve your home’s curb appeal and value while allowing you to customize your driveway to match your style. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of using stone for driveway purposes.

What Are the Benefits of A Paver Stone Driveway?

There’s a lot to be gained by choosing paver stones for your hardscaping beyond creating a good first impression for guests to your home.

You Can Choose From A Wide Variety of Materials

Clay, natural stone, and concrete are all common paving stone types. Each offers a different look and has unique benefits. Concrete paving stones are usually the cheapest and those of poor quality can easily chip. Meanwhile, natural stone is the most expensive, but it is stunning and highly durable. Clay pavers fall somewhere in the middle both in terms of cost and durability but are unique aesthetically.

Multiple Shapes and Sizes Are Available

If you're considering purchasing stone for driveway paving, you’ll be happy to know that in addition to the various materials, you can also get multiple shapes and sizes. Many paver stones are square or rectangular but you’ll also see circles and abstract shapes. This will enable you to create unique paving stone driveways designs. Whether you opt for a simple pattern or a fun, random layout is totally up to you.

Paver Stones Are Easy to Repair and Replace

If your driveway gets cracked or otherwise damaged in some way, you’ll simply need to dig up the damaged area and install new paving stones. You won’t have to destroy large sections or endure an ugly patch job. Because paver stones are so easy to replace, they’re a much more cost-effective solution than other materials. If you damage one paver, you can even replace it on your own without needing any special equipment. In contrast, homeowners with concrete driveways usually opt to replace the entire thing because fixing cracks results in unsightly patches of discoloration.

A Paver Stone Driveway is Highly Durable

It’s a lot harder to damage paver stones than poured concrete. When you use stone for a driveway, the weight of your car and other vehicles won’t crack the surface. Neither will temperature changes. You also won’t have to worry about skid marks or other forms of discoloration ruining the aesthetic. In addition, spalling won’t be a concern. This is when the surface of asphalt or concrete wears down or breaks and reveals the color of the underlying layer, resulting in an uneven look.

Paver Stones Are Eco-Friendly

If you want your driveway to be constructed in an eco-friendly manner, paver stones are a great idea. Most driveway materials are non-porous so they prevent rainwater and snow from reaching the earth. This causes runoff water pollution. However, permeable stones allow water to go into the ground.

Installation Will Be Quick

Installing a driveway can be a bit of a hassle but when you use stone for driveway upgrades, the process will move faster. Unlike asphalt and concrete, paver stones don’t require extensive preparation prior to installation. Since the material won’t need to cure for days or weeks, you’ll be able to use your driveway almost right away.

Paver Stones Are Safer

You may have noticed that driveways made from concrete can be very smooth. When it’s wet or icy, concrete can be dangerous for both vehicles and individuals on foot. Since pavers are rougher, they provide better traction. This can be particularly helpful if your driveway is sloped.

Get An Aesthetically Pleasing Driveway for Your Home

There are many paving stone types on the market. If you’re wondering about the size or material that’s best for your property, the team at Allied Landscape Supply can help you. Your new driveway is sure to be impressive, and if you get creative, it’ll be a lot more than just a functional part of your hardscaping. 

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