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Appealing & Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

You can create a themed look for your backyard with our stone design displays; whether you go for a bench, waterfall, stone stairs, or walls, we have plenty of ideas to go around.
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When it comes to beautifying the look of your backyard, you have many options and a variety of landscaping materials to choose from. Stone design, especially with proper lighting, is a trending landscaping option. For many, the natural allure is the perfect escape route into a peaceful, serene space, far from the worries of urban life. Natural stone design is by no means monotonous; on the contrary, stone landscaping ideas are as diverse as things get in the business.

Allied Landscape Supply offers all sorts of landscaping materials, including premium stone design supplies to those who want to make an impact with their lawns and backyards.

9 Awesome Landscaping Ideas Using Rocks and Stones

If you’ve browsed through a couple of landscaping with rocks and stones pictures, you’d know that this is a limitless area. You can integrate such features in patio design plans, lawn displays, or backyard overhauls. The appeal of such outdoor designs and setups will surely help you make an impression.

Here are our picks for the best stone landscape ideas:

Stone Waterfall

Who doesn’t love waterfalls? You can incorporate a small one at your place in a stone-style design, for your backyard. It will go perfectly with a pond or pool if you already have one (or you could set up both). You can get the best out of this landscape with stones if you incorporate ambient lighting and add koi fish to the pond.

A pond featuring natural stone design

Or, you could just put a waterfall in your backyard without worrying too much about a pond to go with it; either way, you should reach out to a trusted company for supplies.


This is another for-sure attraction in your backyard, especially under colorful lights. No list of the best landscaping ideas using rocks and stones can be complete without the mention of fountains. A fountain-based stone landscape design has both an exterior appeal value and a calming/soothing potential.

Stone Rain Chains

Rain chains are rather unique in design, but the cascading effect of stones (can be colored) is mesmerizing, to say the least. You can create such an ensemble as part of your landscape ideas around the patio or in the backyard, and it would look amazing either way.

Bubble Rocks

They may not look quite impressive on their own, appearance-wise, but if you find the right combination and set them up, the possibilities are endless. You can get the best results by using multiple colors and shades in patterns to create a rainbow effect of sorts.

This arrangement is quite popular among new stone patio design ideas.

Stone Furniture

Stone benches and tables are an excellent addition to any backyard if you have a taste for history. The age-old look is sure to contrast well with the modern appearance of your place, kind of creating two worlds in one space if you get the ensemble right.

You can get premium stone for house exterior design from us; our residential supplies are highly diverse, suiting the needs of many.

Stone table and bench are one of our patio design plans

Stacked Stones

You will come across several garden design ideas with stones stacked up; this is a sort of architecture on its own. Though they may not sound quite inspiring by just reading about them, a single glance at such a setup will convince you otherwise.


If you were wondering how to landscape around a patio, why not go for planter installation and add some greenery to the mix?


You can’t bring back Michelangelo but you can carry on his professional legacy with sculpture-based landscape stone design ideas.

Gabion Walls

Last but not least in our backyard ideas with stones: gabion walls.

You don't have to settle for dull uninspiring walls; why not mix things up with a stimulating display of stones in your wall? 

Hopefully, this gave you some perspective into how to landscape with rocks and stones.

We Are Here to Help You Turn Your Stone Design Ideas into Reality 

The look of a stone design structure is matched only by the sturdiness and natural allure of the same. While there are a ton of stone landscaping ideas, all trending hot right now, your choice does not have to be dictated by anything but your will. If a certain natural stone design looks good to you and seems practical, go for it!

You can also integrate it with solar installations for a mix of stone-age and the modern technology era; just an idea.

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