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The Best 5 Landscaping with Sand Ideas - Allied Landscape Supply

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When considering landscaping materials, sand isn’t what comes to the mind of many homeowners. However, there are many backyard landscape ideas you can implement with sand.

This article will discuss why you should consider landscaping with sand and some of the best sand for landscaping your house. Then we will show you some of the best landscaping ideas.

You can use sand and rock landscaping to create an electrifying and beautiful garden in your home

The Best Types of Sand for Landscaping for Your Home

When planning your next landscaping project, there are many materials you can use. You can use sand for your landscaping. You might not know that there are uses for sand in landscaping. Before we talk about how you can use sand for your landscaping design in your home, let’s talk about the types of sand you can use in landscaping.

Utility Sand for Home Landscape

Utility sand is one of the best sand landscaping. Homeowners usually decide between concrete sand vs. mason sand for patio or yard landscape. Here is why utility sand is an excellent option for landscaping. It is a mixture of several textures and colors of sand particles. It is coarse and has a relatively rough texture. Many people generally use this sand as a foundation for pavement stones. The compact nature of the utility sand makes it an excellent option for your landscaping projects. You can’t use the utility sand for the kids’ playground.

Beach Sand Best use for Playground Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping with sand, many people have used beach sand for years. That’s because the beach sand is ideal for the volleyball courts and children’s playgrounds. The beach sand is safe for children. This is due to the absence of silica. It is also aesthetically pleasing. 

If you want sand for your backyard landscape, go for the beach sand.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand, also known as mason sand, is the ideal sand used for landscaping projects. You can use the concrete sand in areas such as the pavers, patios, and swimming pools. It is coarse and mixes well with various landscaping materials. It lays the foundation for all your landscaping projects because it is fine-grained and clean.

There are many sand backyard ideas you can use to make your residential home calming and welcoming

Beautiful Residential Landscaping ideas

Are you looking for ways to beautify your environment with sand? Here are some of the beautiful landscaping with sand ideas for your home.

Paver Filler

When sand and grains mix with addictive particles, they form a powerful binding agent. It securely holds the pavement in place when used as a paver filler. Here are some of the benefits of sand as a paver filler:

  • Increased durability
  • Rich and varied colors
  • Quick and easy installation

Landscaping with sand is also great for paver fillers because it prevents weeds and ants’ infestations.

Concrete Mixing

Concrete can be an excellent landscaping option for your home. It removes the regular maintenance of lawns.

It is of general knowledge that Portland cement is the standard for mixing concrete. You’ll need sand to create strong concrete. And the type of sand you choose will affect your concrete mixture. The mason sand is the ideal sand type for concrete mixing.


In your garden, you can use sand and rock landscaping for the plant. This landscaping design beautifies your backyard garden and helps the plant to grow. You can use sand as a garden landscape. The sand can create air pockets that increase airflow in the soil. This helps plants get the necessary nutrients for growth.

Play Area for Kids

One of the sand backyard ideas is to use it for kids’ playgrounds. The best sand type for this landscaping idea is beach sand. As we’ve discussed, it is silica free, making it safe for children. You can also use the beach sand around the pool where children usually go. 

Using sand for the children’s play area gives them the beachside feel. It helps the kids to be creative. An essential component in their development. It is also an opportunity for fine-tuning the physical movements of your kids. Using the natural beach sand for landscaping your kids’ play area is an excellent option.

Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is the process of dividing your outdoor living spaces into separate regions. Many homeowners have many uses for sand around the house, and one of them is landscape edging. Landscape edging increases the curb appeal of your home. Landscape edging also serves as a boundary for grass and weeds. It prevents them from growing into unwanted areas, like near tiles. Landscape edging also creates a mowing strip for easy lawn maintenance.

You can use many materials for landscape edging, including manually trimming the edge of the lawns, metals, and plastic. However, using sand for your home’s landscape edging has many benefits.

Using sand as a landscape edging material is excellent because it is easy to dig up weeds that have grown in it. It also increases the drainage because of the air pockets.

There are many uses for sand around the house for landscaping. You can use it in your garden or pool

Hire the Best Residential Landscape Supply Company

We’ve discussed the best types of sand for landscaping your garden and home. We have also given you five landscaping ideas. You might want to do this job yourself. But there are many benefits you can get from hiring a professional landscaping company to handle the job for you. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional.

  • Permanently defined landscape edges. This erases regular reshaping of your landscape edge.
  • You will save money on regular maintenance and reshaping expenses
  • The professional will ensure the landscape blends beautifully with the architectural design of your home. Giving you balance
  • Properly installed, quality landscape bed edging gives clarity and significantly adds value to your home.

Allied Landscape Supply has been serving homeowners in Pennsylvania with the best landscape materials for many years. We will help you select new sand landscaping ideas that suit your taste. Whether you want to create an outdoor living area or upgrade your yard, we have the expertise and experience to do the job.

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Allied Landscape Supply is a family-owned landscape supply company. We pride ourselves on supplying the best types of sand for landscaping. Our excellent customer service has kept us in business all these years. We have the material and experts for you, whatever your landscape needs. Call us today for the best landscape supply.

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