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Brighten Your Home With the Best Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting is just as important, if not more so, as indoor lighting. In this article, we will discuss some outdoor wall lighting ideas for you to consider.
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Could it be time to upgrade your outdoor lighting with some classy landscaping materials? If you are considering a fantastic outdoor makeover that will make your home catch everyone's eye in the neighborhood, selecting the perfect landscape lights, particularly for nighttime, can bring lovely touches to your home. Here are some outdoor wall lighting ideas for you to consider.

How Many Lumens Do I Need For Outdoor Lighting?

You can't just throw up some random lights and wish that they will give your home the practical and aesthetic appeal you have been hoping for.

On average, path lighting needs 100-200 lumens, step lights will need 12-100 lumens, and motion sensor lights should have 300-700 lumens.

Dry-rated lights should be placed away from any dampness, as these types of lights are prone to get damaged when exposed to moisture. Even though dry-rated fittings are best used indoors, they can also be used outside in dining areas and roofed patios.

On the other hand, wet-rated landscape light fittings can endure strong winds, heavy rainfall, and turbulent environments. These designs should be installed on pavilions, verandas, and decks.

Allied Landscape Supply provides you with the best quality designs and material you would require to spruce up your home. 

Here is our advice on what to take into account for outdoor lights installation.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Expense Management

Before you start looking for outdoor lighting, think about your budget. Understand that different forms of lighting come in a variety of pricing ranges. Ensure you have adequate funds to complete the job if you intend to replace your outdoor space's entire lighting system.

You might purchase unnecessary equipment on a whim if you do not budget properly. Therefore, before you can go shopping, make a spending plan.

Setting a limit on your expenditure makes it easy to keep track of the lighting fixtures within your budget. This is an excellent approach to save cash. Planning your expenses allows you to keep track of what you are purchasing and maintain financial stability.

Color Tones and Designs

Decide the kind of ambiance you want on your front porch and choose the lighting accordingly. It could be anything from cold to warm light tones to beautify your outdoor space.

Consider several lighting colors when selecting outdoor lights for pergolas. This can make your outdoor space more pleasant and appealing. If you are having a party outside, warm lighting hues will offer elegance and finesse. This is an excellent approach to amaze your visitors. Lanterns that are colorful, bright, and cheerful put your guests in a good mood at parties.

Any form of lighting fixture may be used to adorn your outdoor environment. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are aesthetically appealing.

Placement of Lights

Where you install exterior lights is very important. Lighting strategically placed throughout your home adds dimension, elegance, and the main focus of style.

Also, before installing the lights, consider if you have a habit of coming home late due to work or anything else. This could be advantageous for your guests if they tend to visit you late in the evening. You and your guests would rest easy under the lights knowing that both of you will be safe as your lighting arrangement could help prevent accidents and robberies.

When the sun sets, you will need the correct lighting to draw attention to various sections of your house. Lighting may be installed near your entryway, patio, garden, driveway, and other places.

Lights can also be installed over the front of your garage and at the side entrances as it will be easier to navigate outside.  

Draw up a list of the places you wish to brighten up and then mount the lighting fixtures. It is easy to obtain the optimal lighting arrangement design after evaluating the main sections of your outdoor space.

Brighten Up Your Front Porch With the Perfect Outdoor Lights!

When looking for an intricate lighting system, keep the above front door lighting tips in mind. Allied Landscape Supply can help you with outdoor wall lighting ideas and designs. We offer our services in the following areas:

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  • Fort Washington


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