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Discover Several Ideas to Perfect Your Landscape Edging

Allied Landscape Supply is a family-owned business supplying natural hardscape materials, dedicated to helping homeowners beautify their backyard with creative landscaping edging ideas.
Allied Landscape Supply

Over the years, our landscaping materials consultants have listened to thousands of customers explaining how they want to remodel their backyard. Now we decided to share the best landscaping edging ideas, to help other people create a beautiful design for their open space.

In our experience, the best landscape edging looks like a natural extension of the natural landscape. You can create visual points of interest with a winding natural stone border or create the illusion of height on a flat area with raised flower beds with bricks or river rock.

Choose a Landscaping Edging Idea from Our List of Recommendations

Without other further introductions, these are some of the best landscaping edging ideas we have collected and are happy to share with you:

Brick Edging For Your Flower Beds

Add a rustic touch to your garden with brick edging for your flower bed. This edging idea is not only beautiful but also practical. The bricks will prevent the soil from running off and exposing the roots of your flowers during heavy rains. The brick edging is a fun and simple DIY project, allowing you to create any shapes you want.

Poured Form Concrete Edging

With its superior resistance to wear and tear, concrete remains one of the most popular materials for landscaping projects. If you are looking for a simple way to create borders, this is one of the best landscape edging ideas you can choose for your front or back yard.

Concrete Landscape Edging Blocks

Here is another creative use for concrete in landscaping. In this instance, instead of poured concrete with a smooth surface, we recommend concrete landscaping edging blocks. They have the appearance of natural stone, with irregular shapes and rough surfaces. This type of edging looks great around plants with rich foliage or a garden of succulent plants.

River Rock Garden Edging

River rock has a special appeal. The rounded shapes and smooth surfaces are very attractive and this is why a lot of customers request this material for landscaping projects. A river rock garden edging is one of the best landscape edging options if you want to give your backyard a look fully in harmony with nature.

Gravel Edging

We have so many gravel edging ideas to share, but for the purposes of this article, we will select just one. Gravel edging is an excellent choice to separate a patio from the garden and install a rope lightning strip for added style during the long summer evenings you spend outdoors.

Wood Edging

When we talk about landscaping, wood edging simply comes as a natural choice (pun intended). It requires special treatment and priming to protect it from rotting and infestation by pests, but wood remains one of the most beautiful landscaping materials. Among other landscape edging ideas we know of, we recommend rectangular boxes for flower beds or herb gardens.

Metal Borders for Flower Beds

If you want rustic landscape edging ideas, here is a creative one: metal borders with a rusty finish. The special paint will protect the metal from actual rust while conveying the old and used aspect. It is a great choice for flower beds and succulent gardens.

Rock Border Ideas

Rock borders have several applications: running on both sides of gravel paths, creating raised flower beds, and arranging around water features. Rock is such a versatile material, available in many colors and patterns.

Gabion Wall Edging

In architecture, a gabion wall is built by filling up a metal mesh structure with broken bricks, rocks, or pebbles. It has a rustic appeal and this is why gabion walls are now popular in miniaturized forms as garden edging.

Gabion wall edging can be paired with wood chips and decorative mulch to create patterns or to surround succulent gardens.

Paver Stone Flower Bed Edge

Paver stone can be used for various landscaping projects. In this instance, you will install them upwards instead of flat to create a raised border around flower beds. For extra protection against soil run-off, add another layer of paver stones (this time lying flatly on the ground) outside the layer of standing stones.

We Are Ready to Supply You with Quality Materials for Your Landscape Edging Ideas

Allied Landscape Supply is a family-owned business proudly offering our clients a wide range of high-quality natural hardscape materials for the best landscape edging results. You can find us in:

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These guys are absolutely amazing. Tim, Mike on the front line take the time to help and suggest solutions. The forklift drivers are awesome, the delivery drivers, take extra care to deliver exactly where requested on a property.
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Great homeowner experience. Ordered by phone, sales guy made great recommendations. Delivery drop of stone and sand was on time and carefully placed.
These folks are the friendliest and most helpful paver suppliers in the area. I went in with two little kids in tow and asked rookie questions about how to make a flagtone patio and they helped immensely.
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The yard forman Dan Green does an amazing job! The yard is very well kept in Limericks location and is very well organized. He has great customer service skills and takes care of the customers.
Hugh selection for any projects. Many displays of patios. Fence stone mulch buildings. Great fast service. Very helpful.
They go above and beyond to serve their customers! Great service!
We all want to do something for the environment, but Allied Landscape supply actually is. Recycling old concrete and turning it into a cheap and less harmful base material for projects.
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They are the best around and Eric's a great guy to work with. Got sand from them and it was perfect! Thanks so much!

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