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Everything You Need to Know About Patio Edging - And More!

Knowing about all types of patio edging materials will help you in choosing the best according to your requirement and preferences. Choose the best option and elevate the look of your garden!
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Even though patio edging is not the most exciting feature of your landscape, it surely is essential to elevate the look of your outer space. When it comes to choosing the best landscaping materials to build your patio, you have wide options ranging from concrete, pavers, and loose materials, to bricks. Allied Landscape Supply provides all kinds of materials to make your patio-edging ideas come to life.

The primary purpose of these borders is to contain the patio, provide a transition between the garden and the hardscape, and enhance the beauty of your landscape as being a decorative element. You also want your patio edging to last long.

Lawn with plants and brick patio edging giving a great transition between lawn and hardscape

Best Options for Border Materials

When you are planning your landscaping, you need to find the best material to make it stand out. Your landscaping is the most significant investment you will make to your property. A beautifully crafted landscape increases the worth of a property. Some people prefer landscaping bricks for edging, whereas others opt for stone: the selection is entirely dependent on your preference and style. However, knowing about the pros and cons of materials can help you in making the right decision. We recommend the following border materials for your backyard:

1. Brick

Out of all brickwork projects for edging, brick patio edging is the simplest to complete as bricks are fixed in the soil. Brick patio edges create a simple and classic look. A narrow trench is prepared around the edges of the patio and bricks are laid in the trench. Landscaping bricks for edging will stay put better if you have clay soil, whereas fixing bricks on sandy soil is difficult. You can fix them vertically or angled for a toothed look or a sharp look, and you can also choose an invisible edge that can be created by building a small underground footing. This helps in securing pavement without creating visual support.

2. Wood

You can select high-quality wood for patio edging. A smart choice would be to choose weather-resistant and insect-free wood such as cedar or redwood. It will provide you with long-lasting edging. One of the most popular options is dimensional lumber - wood that is cut to standardized measurements in inches. You can also select railroad ties, wood posts, rustic timbers, bamboo, or logs for patio edging. For curved edges, you should select a flexible bender board. Wood can provide you a rustic and modern look to uplift your space. You can choose from a variety of wooden textures that fits with your landscape design.

Patio showing white chairs and patio edging in a rustic and modern look to uplift the space

3. Concrete

Concrete patio borders are long-lasting. Concrete is the best material option for those who seek to create well-defined edging. It will not just help you retain the paving but it will also provide you a mowing strip next to your garden. You can easily build a concrete patio edging: all you need to do is pour concrete into the molds and forms, ensure that the edging is even with the paved surface, and screed flush with the top of the forms. If you are going with some specific patio edging ideas, you can add a finish to concrete or keep it smooth. You can also add various tints or colors according to your choice.

4. Stone

If you prefer a natural look, consider using stone patio edging. Natural stone is one of the most long-lasting options for the border. Weather won’t drastically affect the texture or look of stone, making it extremely durable. If you are looking for patio edging ideas, try to avoid the usage of soft stones. Instead, choose flagstone, rocks, boulders, and pebbles as soft stones usually degrade and discolor relatively quickly. You can fix stones end-to-end to have a tighter fit. Natural stones can also be cut into customized sizes. Stones are an excellent decorative solution: they work perfectly well around patios, driveways, paths, or water features.

5. Metal

If you are seeking clean lines, you should opt for metal patio edging. It provides a simple look. You can easily bend metal patio borders into different shapes as they are lightweight and flexible. Metal provides a sleek look for patio edging along with a seamless transition from surrounding areas to the paving.

6. Plastic

Plastic edging is very affordable. Whatever patio edging ideas you have, you can select various colors and styles. Just like metal, plastic edging is very flexible. It’s usually available in four-inch deep strips, can be used with bricks and pavers, and is easy to install. It can also be covered with soil to have no visible patio edge. However, it degrades quickly as sunshine fades its color whereas cold weather makes it brittle. You will have to replace it frequently due to wear and tear. 

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You don’t get to plan your landscape every day, so choose quality materials only. 

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