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How To Build Stone Steps: A Brief Guide

You must build stone steps that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Contact Allied Landscape for professional landscape services.
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Are the hills and slopes in your yard preventing you from having a good romp in the great outside? Well, stone porch steps to your front door may be the solution you need! Not only will stone entry steps allow you to turn the negatives in your backyard into brilliant and memorable features, but they will also help you get the most out of your backyard without having to stomp out in the mud or break your back by climbing a slope! 

At this point, you might have the question, "How to build stone steps to a front door?" Well, laying down front door stone steps can seem like a massive undertaking, while in reality, it is actually a quick and straightforward job. All you need are some landscaping materials and a blueprint for your stone entry steps! Let's take a look at how to install stone steps in front of your house, as well as how to build natural stone steps from scratch! 

How To Make Stone Steps

Building stone stairs can be a little daunting for the average homeowner. There are so many labor-intensive tasks that you need to undertake to build stone steps - starting from digging out the soil and moving numerous concrete blocks. Not to mention, the kind of special equipment that you will require for building stone stairs. But here are some simple steps you can follow to build stone steps by yourself! 

Step 1: Make a plan 

Before you even begin exploring the question, "How to build stone steps?" you need to have a plan in place. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to design a plan to install stone steps for the exterior of your house.

  • How many steps are you going to have? 
  • What kind of tools are you going to require for your stone porch steps? 
  • How many days are you allocating for taking on this project of building stone stairs for your patio?
  • What kind of design do you want your natural stone steps to have?
  • How are you going to lay the front steps stone in the most aesthetically pleasing manner? 

All of these questions need to be answered in your blueprint even before you begin working on your front door stone steps.

Step 2: Pick Out Your Materials

You need to choose the stone you want to use for your stone entry steps. Whether you wish to use flagstones, limestone, or creek rock, make sure that you're choosing one that is charming yet durable at the same time.

Step 3: Measure The Depth And Height 

Before you begin laying out your front porch stones, you need to determine the height of the stairs as well as the depth. After all, you need to build stone steps that are easily walkable and do not lead to any injuries in the future. The height of a comfortable stone stair is usually ½ feet, while the depth can be anywhere between 1 and 1 and ½ feet. 

Step 4: Begin With The Foundation Step

First, you need to begin at the bottom of your stone entry stairs by removing any debris or grass that might be present on the soil. You also need to make sure that the ground is leveled before laying gravel. You can prevent water clogging on your stone steps by sloping the gravel downwards away from your front door. Ensure that your gravel is at least 2 inches thick before you lay down your foundation step on top of it.

Step 5: Lay The Rest Of The Steps 

Undertake all of the same steps once again (i.e., removing the debris and leveling the soil), and install the next steps for your stone porch steps. Ensure that you're leaving a natural distance of a stone step in between each stone.

Step 6: Secure The Stones 

Your very last step in building stone stairs will be to secure the stone steps with a mortar mix. You can also install some side guards or railings for your stone porch steps to prevent accidents as well.

Final Thoughts

Does all of this sound like too much trouble? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Contact Allied Landscape for some of the most brilliant construction services for your stone entry steps. Our experts know exactly how to lay stone steps for your front door most professionally and aesthetically. We take on projects of any size from both contractors and DIY homeowners to help you with all of your landscape needs from A to Z. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at alliedlandscape.com!

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