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How To Apply Stone Veneer – A Complete Stone Veneer DIY Guide

Stone veneers are great for any homeowner looking to transform their living space with an amazing architectural look. Find out how to install these durable stones on your walls and foundation.
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Stone veneer can turn any bland wall into an elegant structure with primeval architecture. These stones are lightweight, fire-resistant, durable, and recyclable, making them the perfect landscaping materials for interior and exterior wall rehabilitation. Natural stone veneer can give any wall a refining touch in 1 to 2 days. The short stone veneer installation time makes them perfect for any homeowner with a creative DIY spirit. 

Whether you have a concrete block wall, brick, plywood sheets, or drywall, manufactured stone veneer on exterior and interior is your decor answer. 

What Is Stone Veneer? Understanding Stone Veneer Foundation Material

Stone veneer is versatile landscaping material made of synthetic or real stone. Natural stone veneer is made out of real stones, while synthetic stone veneer consists of cement, natural stone aggregates, and iron oxide pigment. 

One of sand backyard ideas from Allied Landscape Supply experts.

Tools for Natural Stone – Real Stone Veneer Front of House

You will need the following tools to install custom stone veneers - 

  • Trowels
  • Mason Hammer/cut-off angle grinder
  • Staple gun 
  • Rake
  • Grout bag 
  • Joint tool
  • Hand brushes
  • Moisture barrier
  • Galvanized metal lath
  • Masonry nails
  • Veneer stone mortar mix 
  • And preferred veneer stones

Stone Veneer Installation– A Guide for Precision Installation


Measure the square inch of the wall area you intend to use. Multiply the wall’s length and width and subtract the areas that won’t be covered. Remember to add about 10% extra veneers and spaces. Then arrange the stone veneers on the floor and plan your layout. Preparation is important in learning how to install real stone veneer is determining how many veneers you will need. 

Apply Vapor Barrier

To create an exterior installation like stone veneer, front porch installation may require a vapor barrier. You can use two layers of basic house wrap or grade D waterproof building paper. Place the layers of vapor barrier on the wall and secure them with galvanized nails. Check your local building regulations and moisture barrier requirements on outdoor stone veneer installation.

Install Metal Lath

Install a galvanized expanded metal lath and secure it in place with galvanized nails. Ensure the nails penetrate the studs horizontally and vertically for a strong stone veneer foundation. The metal lath should extend about six inches on corners. Stone veneer installation on masonry surfaces and unpainted concrete may not require metal lath and vapor barrier. 

Apply the Scratch Coat

Next, mix and apply the scratch coat mortar using a trowel. Consistently cover the entire metal lath with the mortar mix layer about ¾ inch thick. Then scratch horizontal channels across the mortar before it fully dries up. Scratch coat allows evaporation of moisture in the wall and natural stone veneer.

Prepare the Area and Mortar Mix

Prepare the stone veneer fireplace installation by washing them and cutting the stones. The water allows the stones to better adhere to the mortar mix. Stone veneer wall requires a mortar mix of two parts water and one part cement. Mix the mortar consistently until it forms a thick paste. 

Apply Mortar Mix

Using a trowel, apply the mortal mix on the scratch coat and natural stone veneer about ½ inch thick. Apply the mortar on a small area of the house wall to prevent the mix from drying before completing the stone veneer installation.

Apply Stone Veneer Pieces

Before applying, cut or trim any natural stone veneer that is too big or has rough edges. The best way to know how to cut stone veneer is by using a masonry hammer and a wide chisel. Next, apply the natural stone veneer pieces to the mortar mix. Start with the cornerstones and work your way from the bottom. Press the stones firmly, and remember to leave joint spaces about half an inch. 

Grout The Joints

Next, grout the natural stone veneer joints with a grout mix. The grout mix can be the mortar mix, or you can add a liquid cement color. Fill the grout bag with mortar mix and pass the nozzle on the joints while squeezing the bag. 

Clean and Seal

Complete the stone veneer installation process by cleaning and sealing the stone veneers. Use a steel wire brush or a colon brush to clean away any mortar residue. You should clean the veneers 30 minutes after completing the process. Finally, seal the stone veneer according to the company that manufactures it. 

Stone veneers can be used for sand around the house.

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