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Learn How to Install Landscape Lighting Like a Professional

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If you are not too busy right now, we prepared this detailed article on how to wire landscape lighting in your front or back yard. We hope that, by following our instructions to install outside lighting, your home will get that magical look you are aiming for at night. 

Of course, if the DIY work proves to be too complex for you, our specialists can help with the exterior installation using the best landscaping materials. We have landscape lighting design examples in our portfolio that you could use for inspiration, or we can simply help you create your own design and give you a few technical tips on how to place landscape lighting.

How to Install Outdoor Lighting in Your Yard the Right Way

For your own safety, we recommend creating a custom landscape lighting design using low voltage (12V). Once you install the landscape lights, the front yard will look beautiful without being too brightly lit to become a nuisance for you or your neighbors.

Now let us get started. Here’s our guide on how to install landscape lighting with ease:

Step 1: Land Marking and Preparing

Your design and install plan starts with marking the land where outdoor lighting bulbs will be placed. Use brightly colored spray paint to draw the custom landscape lighting plan directly onto the ground. 

Refer to your hand or computer-drawn wiring outside lights diagram and make necessary corrections depending on various landscaping features (bushes, flower beds, retaining wall, etc.).

Follow our landscape lighting DIY tips to get professional results with no previous experience.

Step 2: Assemble the Lighting Fixtures

At this point, you must purchase all the items you need to install landscape lights in your garden. Our installers can help you with any idea or tips you need if the outdoor lighting products instructions are not clear.

Step 3: Plug In the Transformers

For maintenance and service purposes, the landscape lighting plan must allow at least 1 foot of clearance on all sides for the low voltage transformer. Also, it must be situated at a distance of minimum 30 feet from any water feature. Make sure that the transformer is installed on a surface that can withstand high temperatures.

Step 4: Connect and Test the System

Next on the checklist on how to place landscape lighting comes the technical part: you must connect the wiring to the transformer by splicing. The simplest way of doing it is by using twist-on style connectors. If you find this part of the project too challenging, our team is ready to help you with your landscape lighting installation.

Now it is time to find out if your landscape lighting design and installation were successful. Make sure that you walk along the entire layout to check if all the bulbs are working after you turn on the transformer.

Step 5: Adjust Lighting and Finish

For the last step in our guide on how to install landscape lighting, you must wait until nighttime. Turn on the outdoor lighting system and manually adjust the position of each bulb and the direction in which it sheds light. You know best which features of your yard you want to bring into focus and which ones to keep in shadows.

Once you are happy with the overall landscape lighting plan, you can bury the wiring. However, make sure that you keep a file of the wiring outside lights diagram, for service and maintenance purposes. When one of the lights goes out and the bulb is not faulty, you will know exactly where to dig in order to inspect the wiring.

Professional Installers Can Design and Build Your Landscape Lighting Plan

For some of you, this type of DIY work may appear too complex to tackle with confidence. This does not mean that you have to give up your dream of creating a beautiful landscape lighting plan.

Learn how to install outdoor lighting by following our step by step instructions in this guide.

Our specialists are ready to help you with landscape lighting design examples and perform the entire installation work for you. We will make sure that your front yard looks exactly as you imagined it and we will further assist you with maintenance, service, and repair works.

We Have Everything You Need to Install Landscape Lights!

Allied Landscape Supply is a family-owned and operated company, a trusted hardscape materials supplier for residential and commercial clients in our local area. We take pride in offering you only the best products, as well as helpful tips for your landscape lighting plan. 

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