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What Is The Best Stone For Outdoor Patios? Guide to Help You Make a Wise Choice

Patio stones elevate your outdoor patio to the next level. Here are some of the best natural stones you can opt to build your own exquisite outdoor patio.
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Patios are places where you can relax at the end of a long and hard day. Believe it or not, getting patio stones can completely transform this experience. In fact, stone patios can make your house go from 0 to 10 on the beauty scale in a matter of seconds. Not only would various stone patio designs and decorative landscape materials increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they would also help you drive up the curb appeal and market value of your house as well.

A natural stone patio is on a level of its own. But what would be the best stone outdoor patio that you can get for your home? Each stone has its own merit, and knowing about them in detail will help you choose the right stone for your patio. 

Types Of Patio Stones

A patio stone flooring could be made with stone slabs, pavers, or even loose-fill gravel, depending upon the style and texture you want your outdoor patio to have. You can choose from the following types of stones for your patio stones according to your style and taste.


Bluestone has consistently been popular for outdoor patio stones for two main reasons. Not only is it extremely tough and durable, but it is also weather-resistant.

The incredible color of bluestone makes it a favorite amongst homeowners. Not only do you find rich hues of blue, but also flecks of grey, blue-grey, and tan weaved into this stone. The deep shades of indigo make for a rich and classy outdoor patio design that blends seamlessly into your backyard.


Limestone has always been one of the top picks for homeowners across the north-eastern area. Not only is limestone reliable and durable, but it is also classy and elegant. This stone is extremely versatile in its usage and makes for some absolutely charming patios regardless of what you do on your patio regularly. Limestone is weather-resistant, making it ideal for patio stone flooring in harsh conditions in houses.


Generally used as a building material, brownstone is often overlooked in stone patio designs. However, the kind of aesthetic appeal that brownstone offers is irreplaceable. It provides your outdoor patio with a rustic look that ties in perfectly with your garden. The rustic and earthy shades of brown and tan are ideal for a patio that ties in with your natural backyard.


An attractive sandstone patio is one for the ages. Sandstone comes in a wide range of hues, so you can choose whichever suits your home the best. Sandstone is highly durable and holds up well against the harshest elements throughout the year. This stone is also perfect for water features, as it allows you to walk on wet surfaces easily. It provides your patio with an anti-skid finish, which is why it would be the best stone for patio designs that are attached to a nearby pool or a water fountain.

Sahara Granite

Another brilliant option for outdoor patios that come with water features is Sahara Granite. Not only do you get an exotic ‘desert’ vibe from this particular stone, but you also get a hardy and durable stone that can weather any storm. Take your natural stone patio to the next level with hues of brown, black, gold, and tan with Sahara Granite. With this lovely natural stone, you can build an outdoor patio ideal for lounging around all day, every day.

Pea Gravel

Available in a range of exquisite colors, pea gravel is an increasingly popular option for decorative stone patios in modern times. Pea gravel is a kind of loose-fill landscape material that many homeowners use as an excellent alternative to stone slabs and pavers. Pea gravel can also be combined with slabs and pavers to build an attractive outdoor patio at an affordable price.

Closing Thoughts

You can never go wrong with a natural stone patio. That being said, you need to choose a stone that reflects your personality and your sense of style. Of course, it should also fit in with the overall décor of your house and backyard. So, which one should you choose? 

We at Allied Landscape Supply are dedicated to providing homeowners with only the best of the best so that their homes end up looking like the stuff of dreams. Contact us today for excellent guidance and services to get the best stone patio you and your family will fall in love with.

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