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Why Landscape Design Planning is So Important

Which landscape design will be perfect for your property? Here are our tips on creating a design that is well-balanced, color-coordinated, and within the determined budget.
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If you never tried preparing a landscape design before, you might find the choices available quite overwhelming. You may borrow some amazing ideas or you may come up with something entirely on your own. Either way, it is essential to know the basic tips and principles before preparing the landscaping plan. Here are our tips to help you envision the perfect space and choose the best landscaping materials

Beautiful landscape design with center pavement, a bench, flowers and greenery

Landscape Design Tips to Make Your Garden Dream a Reality

Landscaping can be simple and affordable depending on your needs. Regardless of your end goal and budget, you can pull off some very creative ideas. The tips discussed below will help you make informed decisions to develop the best landscaping plan. 


When two sides of the landscape are similar, it is known as symmetrical balance. In asymmetrical balance, the landscape design is prepared to balance the landscape using different elements and objects. Achieving asymmetrical balance is the most challenging, tricky task. Putting it all together helps to enhance the look of your garden. Balancing is essential to remove clutter and attain a more distinctive look. 

The most important landscape design tips begin with balancing the objects and elements in your outer space. Variations are possible in sizes, colors, shapes of the elements. The balance decisions involve everything from the path that leads people through the place to the placement of tall plants, small plants, flowerbeds, and seating arrangements. There has to be a good balance between the new elements and repetition. You don’t want it to look monotonous. 

Another substantial factor to consider while creating a landscaping plan is setting the right proportion. All the elements and objects in a landscape must have proper proportion. 

Color & Texture

Colors give your landscape life. Warm tones of red and orange can provide a sense of belonging as they seem to move forward towards you, whereas blue and green are cool colors that seem to move away from you. Every color has its impact and meaning in your landscape design. Consistency is extremely vital here. However, this does not mean following a single color everywhere. A perfectly blended color palette can enrich your outer space with a beautiful scenic look. 

You should always remain consistent - build on one idea that fits your vision and needs. Going with too many ideas in mind can create chaos in your outer space. Pick a theme for your landscape design and stick with it. If you have a backyard and front yard both with a different look, it may impact the resale of your property. Contrast can make certain elements highlighted whereas harmony can provide a more unified look. By using complementary colors, you can achieve a good blend of harmony and contrast in your landscaping plan.

Perfectly balanced landscape design with white pink and red roses, trees, and pavement.

Financial Capabilities

It is undeniable that a good landscape can add to your home’s market value. Actually, investing in your landscape can increase your overall property’s value up to 20%. Don’t go too far though. If your landscape does not fit properly, looks unusual, or doesn’t adjust according to your neighborhood, then it can negatively impact the financial value of your property. 

While creating a landscape design, it is crucial to know the budget and the amount you end up spending. Landscaping plans can range from budget-friendly to extremely expensive luxurious alternatives. The financial value and capabilities greatly vary from the type of landscape design you choose. Being a professional landscaping company, Allied Landscape Supply focuses on knowing the budget of our clients. It helps us in providing you the best options within your budget. Plan your landscape design according to your budget with a help of an experienced professional landscaping company. 

At Allied Landscape Supply, you will be provided with up-front prices according to the scope of work. 

Time to Plan and Create

You should consider seasonal changes and harsh weather conditions before creating a landscaping plan. You should always think ahead. Think about all seasons and understand the appropriate time to change your landscape. Usually, spring and summers are preferable for landscaping projects. However, do not limit your landscape design to a single season.

Landscape design with a patio, chairs, wooden lounger and sunbath chair under an umbrella

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