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Get Landscape Fabric for Your Gardening Project in Pennsylvania

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Unless you’re a serious gardener, you probably haven’t heard of landscape fabric. This type of fabric can be found at most shops which provide landscape supply, and this simple tool will become your favorite gardening trick. At Allied Landscape Supply, we carry several different types of fabric for the garden. One of our gardening experts can help you determine what the most suitable landscape fabric for your project is. 

What is Professional Landscape Fabric?

The best landscape fabric, sometimes also referred to as weed barrier, is a woven or spun fabric that can be installed to prevent weed growth. Traditionally, landscapers have used plastic sheeting to tamp down weeds, but the closed materials don't let sun or air through, which effectively kills your soil. Landscape weed fabric is more breathable, keeping your soil healthy and viable for your plants.

At some point, landscape fabrics suppliers proposed to use it to control water level. Buy landscape fabric with waterproof membrane to prevent soil from supersaturation.

Landscape Fabric  

The Benefits of Garden Landscape Fabric

Not only does landscape fabric suppress weed growth, it also helps keep moisture in your soil by preventing too much evaporation. It’s great to use in areas of your garden that tend to dry out in the sun. It can also reduce the amount of mulch you need to use in a bed. And professional landscape fabric helps provide clean lines to your beds and around trees without having to do too much digging. 

Weed barrier fabric is an excellent drainage support layer for garden paving stones and rock paths. Some contractors even use it as a layer underneath driveways where moisture might be an issue. 

Find Quality Landscape Fabric for Sale

At Allied Landscape Supply, we carry a large selection of the best landscape fabrics for grass cover on the market. Stop into one of our Southeastern PA locations today to learn about landscape fabrics price and its working principles:

  • Dresher
  • Limerick
  • Pottstown
  • Gap 
  • Parkesburg
  • South Pottstown
  • Fort Washington

Contact us now to know about landscape fabric cost or to buy wholesale landscape fabric now.

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These guys are absolutely amazing. Tim, Mike on the front line take the time to help and suggest solutions. The forklift drivers are awesome, the delivery drivers, take extra care to deliver exactly where requested on a property.
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Great homeowner experience. Ordered by phone, sales guy made great recommendations. Delivery drop of stone and sand was on time and carefully placed.
These folks are the friendliest and most helpful paver suppliers in the area. I went in with two little kids in tow and asked rookie questions about how to make a flagtone patio and they helped immensely.
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The yard forman Dan Green does an amazing job! The yard is very well kept in Limericks location and is very well organized. He has great customer service skills and takes care of the customers.
Hugh selection for any projects. Many displays of patios. Fence stone mulch buildings. Great fast service. Very helpful.
They go above and beyond to serve their customers! Great service!
We all want to do something for the environment, but Allied Landscape supply actually is. Recycling old concrete and turning it into a cheap and less harmful base material for projects.
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They are the best around and Eric's a great guy to work with. Got sand from them and it was perfect! Thanks so much!

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