We sell full “loose cords of seasoned mixed hardwoods. We do not stack by hand. We will also supply ½ “loose” cords, a cubic yard scoop or a 30 piece stack.

Available in these quantities:

  • Loose Cord
  • Half Loose Cord
  • Cubic Yard
  • 30 Piece Stack

DELIVERY Starts at $25 depending on location

Wood Brick Fuel

US Recycled Wood Products produces alternative wood fuel to firewood and cordwood. This wood brick fuel is produced from kiln dried wood waste. U.S. Recycled Wood Products (USRWP) wood brick fuel burns hotter, cleaner, and longer than the equivalent amount of firewood without using any additional binders or accelerants. No special burning appliance is required. Wood bricks can be used wherever typical cordwood, firewood is burned.

Wood bricks are produced by submitting dry wood waste particles to extreme compression forces, using the natural lignin chemicals of the wood as the binding agent creating a wood product denser than typical wood. It is made from recycled wood waste generated by American Wood Products Manufacturers. Customers can be satisfied in using a, Domestically Manufactured, Recycled Fuel for home heating that is considered carbon neutral.

For Fireplaces: USRWP Wood Brick Fuel provides a convenient firewood alternative for the customer who enjoys the warmth and atmosphere of a real wood fire. Whether you like to use your fireplace occasionally, or a few times of the week, you can rest assure USRWP wood bricks will consistently light, burn warm and clean. Through its convenient packaging, it can easily be stored cleanly in a closet, garage, or basement with no worries of bringing bugs into the home. Also no virgin timber was used in the production of wood bricks, only recyclable wood waste from manufacturers in the USA.

Wood Brick Fuel can be supplemented to cordwood for additional heat, or gaining the most out of semi-seasoned cordwood. Wood Brick Fuel can be used at night for extended burns through the night, and then collected cordwood can be used during the day. For the most convenient operation of wood stoves, Wood Brick Fuel can be burned 100% of the time. Many customers enjoy only having to attend to their stoves as little as twice a day while using Wood Brick Fuel.

Wood Brick Fuel is 100% dry wood with no additional accelerants or additives. Therefore more than 1 brick is necessary to fuel a fire. Typically 3 to 5 bricks placed on end in a teepee formation will light easily with crumpled newspaper or a fire starter placed in the center. This is the most reliable starting method, but consumers may experience they other preference to lighting. Wood Bricks can be added individually to any existing fire. New users should start using Wood Brick Fuel conservatively in order to learn the characteristics of it in their appliance.

A full pallet of Wood Brick Fuel is 1000 bricks individually packed in counts of 20 each. The full pallet is conservatively the value of at least a FULL cord of best seasoned hardwood firewood. Many customers feel a ton lasts longer than a typical cord because they are able to meter their fuel use easier with 2 lb bricks. BTU value is conservatively approximate 7500 btu per pound.

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